Committee Statement

As part of the continued improvements within the coaching staff at the club, we wish to announce the appointment of Nicola Bainbridge as Head Coach commencing from 1st June 2021. Nicola who is an ex-swimmer (National standard junior and World Masters medalist) comes to the club with a wealth of experience within Swim ... More

Current new training timetable

This timetable is subject to changes, for continuous up-to-date version of the timetable please reference to the event page on the clubs Spond app. Timetable.   The timetable after week 5 will hopefully remain as it is until further ease of lockdown in England. It will then be review to correspond with any ... More

Exciting News for Monday 12th April   More

Ready for Monday 12th April.       More

Return to Swimming Plan More

2021 Return to Club / Health Check

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Power of 5 – Workout videos

Train like a athlete…with an athlete. GB top Pentathletes guide you through our Power of 5 workouts – exercises can be made easier or harder and you can go at your own pace. Download the Word of the Week Alphabet Workout 1 with Jamie Cooke: CLICK HERE Word of the Week workout 1 with Jo Muir: CLICK HERE ... More

2021 – Announcement From Coach Tim As mentioned in Tim's announcement, check out following the links:   Swim England Self Checks With Chloe Golding More

As of Tuesday 5th January

Thank you all for your patience. An approved plan has been passed by all our coaches and committee team for the following program. The club will be running Monday to Thursday at Oswestry School from 6:00pm to 8:45pm:- Delta and Charlie members will swim from 6:00pm to 7:15pm (1:15 hours) each day for 5 hours a ... More


A SKINS event is an exciting series of back-to-back races which operate on a knockout basis, with the two remaining swimmers racing each other in a head-to-head final race. For Friday 11th our members will be ranks in groups of six based on their 100 IM or 200 IM time achieved on Friday 4th December. A stroke is drawn ... More