Graphics Designer

Graphics Designer – Timothy Bridgewood

Huge thank you to Timothy Bridgewood for his creativity.

Oswestry Otters Branding
A self-initiated brief that takes a look at my local swimming club. Their branding was 40 years old and desperately needed an update of a new logo, club kit and posters. These were all re-designed to adhere to the new design language.
Final Outcome:
The final outcome consists of a new logo which is vastly different from their last one. It takes suitable inspiration from the world of ‘E-Sports’ as I wanted to modernise and create something that would be able to last another 40 years. Alongside the image of an otter, I wanted to have the typography as a logo on its own to be used on merchandise like swimming caps etc.

The text branding is now being used within our Club kit and other club merchandise!

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