Club History

Oswestry Otters ASC was founded in 1976, however the history of swimming in Oswestry goes back further.

Baths in Oswestry on Victoria Road/Street . (Built in 1895)


Oswestry Amateur Swimming Club

From research, Oswestry ASC was active around the early 1900’s. With the baths opening in 1895 and not being demolished until 1990, the pool would of been the heart of swimming for the community for around 80 years. Oswestry ASC club history and records fades away in the time of the first world war. Although it can’t be clear that this is factual it would be very likely that the war meant many of the members would of had to go overseas to fight. Research of members names from old local news articles are not found on Oswestry war memorial.

No records has been found yet to show that there was a Oswestry ASC after the first and second world war. Happily swimming was still a place of joy and fun as can see from the pictures below. (showing a swimming gala in Oswestry in the 1950’s.)


Oswestry Leisure Centre on College Road (Open by Princess Ann in 1976)


The founding of Oswestry Otters Amateur Swimming Club

In 1976 the forming of Oswestry Otters ASC was created, very likely beginning it journey like the original Oswestry ASC at the time of the opening of a new swimming pool. The club started small and grew over the years. In its first few years the club was supported by the local neighbouring club, Shrewsbury Amateur Swimming Club. Shrewsbury ASC allowed members of the newly formed Oswestry Otters to compete in licensed competitions whilst it was affiliating itself with what is now British Swimming. The club is still honoured to have a club president which has been with the club since it began and still oversees the club to succeed.

In 2006, Otters member Stuart Manford showcase his 50 metre breaststroke at Melbourne Commonwealth Games getting to the semifinals with a time of a 00:29.39.

In 2008, Oswestry Otters hit turbulent times, which was saved by a group of dedicated volunteers. The closure of the College Road Leisure centre in September 2011 cause the swimming club to lose its 35 years foothold within a Community environment. It’s termination to get back on its feet is a credit of the time and effort those members put in to see the longevity of the club to continue.


The new leisure centre opens its door to the public on Sunday 2 October 2011

Although Oswestry Otters no longer has a regular foothold in the new public leisure centre, it has a strong program within the local private school pool at Oswestry School. 17 hours of swimming on offer; spread out between six squads, Monday to Friday. The club continues to seek new ways to build and improve swimming within Oswestry.


Logo Evolution



  • 10 Shropshire Counties Records (9x for Dan Jones / 1x for Nia Williams)
  • Youth Worlds Fin Swimming Championship at Egypt 2019 (David Villafane Gonzalez)
  • Welsh National Aquathlon Championships 2018 – Youth Female Gold (Kate Pugh)
  • West Midlands Amiens Overseas Swim Team 2018 – Swimmer (Phoebe Townsend) / Coach (Timothy Hastie)
  • Oswestry Sports Awards May 2017 – Coach of the Year  (Yvonne Edwards)
  • Oswestry Sports Awards May 2017 – Outstanding Achievement Award (Morgan Jones)
  • Junior Long course Welsh Record Holder in 4×100 Free & 4×200 Free Relay (Danial Jones)
  • Mens Short course Welsh Record Holder in 50 Free 21.95 (Danial Jones – 2019)
  • 2 Diddy League finals, Highest Division- 1 (2005 / 2019)
  • Arena League, Highest Division- 1 (2018)
  • British Championships Qualifiers
  • Commonwealth representatives.
  • British Para-swimming Championship Medalist- Silver 100 Fly (Akaash Das)
  • GB Talent ID Residential Camp at the Pentathlon GB Academy (Josh Counter)
  • 2020 – 4 Shropshire Counties Records (Paul Nash)
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Top Boy & Girl category at Shropshire championship 20 (Paul Nash, Macie Seddon & Lexi Roberts)



Nicola Bainbridge  (April 2021 to Present Day)

Tim Hastie (October 2016 to April 2021)

Yvonne Edwards  (2016)

Hannah Shepard (2015 to 2016)

Yvonne Edwards (2008 to 2012)

Karen Edwards (2004 to 2008)

Paul Wilson (1999 to 2004)

Keith Barrow (1990 to 1999)

Bob Walker (??-1990)

Derek Hobbs (1986-??)

Terry Roberts (1976-1986)

Retired Coaches

Ken Bridgewood
Heather Wilson
Cerry Shepard
Dave Williams
Steve Barnfield
Simon Biggs
Simon Cunningham
Pete Fynes
Aled Williams
Gabby Ghirotto
Trevor Ball
Tracy Jones
Dave Almond
Chris Perry
Kelly Jones
Ian Rawlings
Naomi Chapman
George Garratt
Claire Curtis
Harry Curtis
Emily Onley
Nikki Piggott
Karen Hunter
Chris Onley
Jo Jones

Active Coaches

Yvonne Edwards
Andy lee
Sarah Ball
Jackie Downes
Ethan Lee-Birch
Alex Nash
Nikki Bainbridge


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