Frequent Questions

Joining the Club

  • Can my child come for a trial swim?
    Yes, depending on the age and ability of your child we offer two free trial sessions. Click Here to arrange your free trail
  • When I join, I can't do all the sessions available. Do I have to still pay for the full squad fees?
    Unfortunately we are unable to reduce memberships fees for those individuals who can’t do all the session available for them. Each members take up a slot within the group which is limited to what is set out in the pools Normal Operation Procedures
  • Upon joining the club, what are the fees I will be asked to pay for?
    An annual “Membership Fee” (£45 upon joining and payable Annually). A monthly “Squad Fee” which covers pool hire and coach fees.
  • My child has a known disability can they join?
    Yes, Oswestry Otters has a history of working along side successful Para-Swimmers. Some of the facilities we use may cause restrict feasibility of access for some people. If this is the case then we discuss other options available for your child.
  • Are there any forms I need to fill in to join the club?
    Yes, Click Here, these are the forms we will need you to fill in before you can start swimming at the club.
  • After the trial what happens if we find the club environment isn't for us?
    If after the two free trial sessions you decide the club environment isn’t for you then that is no issue at all. Here at Oswestry Otters we have a good relationship with other swimming program. For example the local “GetWet Swim Scheme” which is run by our Level 3 Coach  Yvonne Edwards
  • Is there a family siblings discount?
    Unfortunately the club doesn’t offer any sibling discount for the moment in time. This is due to the club being a small swimming program
  • What equipment will a swimmer need?
    Check out our “Club Shop” page with all the information on what equipment each squad group require.

    Competition Questions

    • What does the different level meets mean?
      Check out our “competition information” page
    • We are booked onto a competition when should we arrive?
      Every competition has a different warm up start time. However rule of thumb is that a swimmer should arrive and report the club coach or team manager 30 minutes before each warm up
    • What happens if we are going to be late to an Open Meet?
      You will need to let team manager or coach know ASAP, if a swimmer doesn’t turn up on the day some events will penalised the club.
    • If I have finished all my events do I have to stay until the end?
      You need to speak with the coach or team manager as some events you may leave early, however some events require you to stay until the end.
    • What do I need for a competition day?
      Dry warm cloths, appropriate footwear and plenty of water and food for the whole day.
    • What type of food should I take?
      A competition day isn’t like a normal day of routine, an athlete needs to graze before and after each of their races (See the following Link)  .

      Club Fees

      • Is there a club annual fee?
        Yes, The club Annual membership fee is £45. This is payable upon joining the club and annually thereafter on a set date, determined by the club
      • Why do we have club annual fee?
        As a Swim England club member, you can take advantage of an array of benefits.


      • Where do the monthly fee go towards?
        Your monthly fees go towards payment of expenses e.g. pool hire and are calculated over a twelve month period taking into account sessions ‘lost’ due to pool closures. The monthly fees will be dependant on your squad & hours provided for you.
      • If we are unable to attend a session, can I get a refund?
        The club regrets that it is unable to refund any session(s) that a swimmer is unable to attend. There will be no concession for absence due to holidays regardless of the length.
      • I have an injury do I have to still pay membership fees whilst unable to swim?
        If a squad member is away for more than four weeks due to injury, ‘serious’ illness or other special circumstances then the parent or guardian may write to the Club asking that squad fees be waived for that period. The request will be considered at the next committee meeting. No immediate decision will be given.