Friday 18th December Session Plan

Today session has been created for you to tailor to your wants and needs.

We will be unable to make a fun last of year session as we are at the leisure centre! It is key to understand the standards of swimming and keeping distance (minimum of 2 meters) from each other is of the up most importance!


You will see from the session plan everyone will be set off at the same time with the same turn around but you choose the option you believe would be most beneficial for you and which skill elements/stoke you want to zone and focus on.

It is important that you understand this session plan before coming to the pool and not to just come and copy what others are doing but for you to make that choice yourself.

Please keep equipment apart from each others – we are looking at about 3-4 people per lane now due to the number of delinced attendance of members from other groups.


Friday Session Plan