From the Head Coach

Dear All Members,

For the purpose of clarity and honesty, this post is solely coming from myself. The reason behind this is because in recent months there has been a real personal toll on my role in the club.

There is no doubt in my mind that we have a wonderful and successfully growing club and our members have vastly improved across skill development and competition application. Of course this is thanks to the many years of hours and commitment people have put into the club from past to present, which I hope I have always shown that gratitude every time talking to you all and even on our club history page.

Please let it been known that I, via this post, make a public apology for any wording mis-calculation which has not been to your satisfaction. I have always tried my best to swiftly send across important information to all our members from myself or on behalf of the club; however it seems my personal battle with S.P.L.D has once again hindered best intention and delivery to others. This is why I will be dropping my role and management on Facebook from now on.

This isn’t something I often say easily but I need your HELP and the club needs your HELP! We need more hands on the committee team, to spread out the roles of what we are currently doing and what we need to be doing to ensure the club continues to run successfully.

Thank you for your time.