Junior Performance

Junior Performance

(Five Sessions / 10:00 Hours / £57 Per Month)


This is the advanced training programme, which is seen as the penultimate stepping stone in the development of swimmers to compete with distinction at a junior level. Swimmers within this programme are expected to show the highest level of commitment.

Junior Performance – this offers the swimmers a structured training programme to allow them to reach their full potential in the sport. Other previously learned skills such as mental preparation for training and competition are enhanced. Swimmers in the performance programme will be competing with distinction at maintaining high skill levels whilst putting the swimming skills under increasing pressure important component of the long term training process.  Exposure to meets requiring overnight stays will be an important aspect of the swimmers development, as well as a full commitment to the competition programme

The Performance squad reflect the age/development stage of the swimmers. The group will be for swimmers aged between 12+ years old, this is a guideline ages, as there will be differentiation based on stage of development (physical maturity), sex (as females mature earlier than males and can be exposed to higher training levels earlier), and also on previous training background and ability.

Swimmers at this level should display the necessary drive, enthusiasm, behaviour and commitment to be accepted into this programme targeted at producing excellence.

Swimmers in Junior Performance will:

Performance Training competencies
Swimmers at this level will have already have mastery of the previous level competencies. Additionally swimmers will be expected to:




Event Hours(5)