Feedback on Pool concerns

In recent days a high amount of members have expressed concerns of the current conditions of the Oswestry School pool. The following is a short feedback on our discussion with the school.


I am pleased to say the school have taken on board our discussions with them. They have highlighted that the main issue with the pool is that is was built in the 1970’s when there was little guidance available for pool design and if it was built pre 1974 then it would not have been subject to legislations which were put in place afterwards.

The club has created a proposal since March 2019 about building and creating a new pool facility at Oswestry School, however there is no sporting funding for what we were proposing! Meaning the only way to make this work would be with a long term loan which isn’t feasible due to the extraordinary high costs repayments.


Despite this disappointing news, it is now clear that there is no other option but to focus on making the current pool better. As we are an external entity having these issue when others are not, it limits what the school will explore to do (in reason) to benefit all who use the pool. However the meeting today has resulted in the school to explore our matter further and take on research made by ourselves to potentially result in future improvements.

I am aware this doesn’t really answer the worries in place but please know the coaching team is looking at other avenues as well and will keep you all up to date with any developments.


Thank you for your patients and understanding.



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