Talking with the Sporting Community.

Oswestry Otters ASC, Head Coach Timothy Hastie has embraced the Covid-19 locked down by creating online video contexts for his members but now wishes to invite others to view them.

“I have been creating YouTube videos during this lock down period and I have done over 80 to date on a mixture of sport education, silliness, guest interviews and land workouts. All of which is open to anyone to view on our website-”

Despite Oswestry Otters members not being able to surround themselves in their natural habitat of a swimming pool for the last 3 months, the lock down period has given it members the time learn the in-depth elements of their sport, which not only keeps them all fit and ready for when they can return to the pool but also give everyone a platform of videos to value after the pandemic is over.

“I have learnt a lot from creating these videos; improving my computing know how on video editing, re-educating on sporting topics and gaining conclusive insight from special guest interviews. I now have a personal mission, to learn and engage from our sporting community in Oswestry.”

On Monday 1st June, Oswestry Otters posted a video interview with Warren Howell, the Chairman of Oswestry Rugby club. They have also recently interviewed Chloe Yeomans on Dancing and Open space studio which is set to be posted on Monday 8th June.

“The Interviews with other local sports in Oswestry on what has made them successful and driven has been brilliant. Our sports are so different but we all just enjoy what we do and there is so much knowledge, love and experience in our sporting community.
I hope to have more opportunity to talk to other sports with in the Oswestry area”.

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