The Competition Diary

It has come to the coaching team attention that there seems to be a growing level of concerns and misunderstanding towards our Competitions Dairy and that members are attending competitions which haven’t been targeted by us.


Here is the following Q&A on the subject which I hope will help any worries or concerns:-

  • Why is there more higher level meets then lower level meet this year?
    In our 2018-2019 season the coaching team plan for the following* 1x Level 4, 9xLevel 3, 2x Level2 open meets.

    This year in our 2019-2020 season* we have planned for the following 1xLevel 4, 8x Level3, 1x Level2 & 2x Level 1 meets.

    *discounting Regionals, Trials, Leagues, Para Events and Nationals.


    The club has a range of difficult level of swimmers but we have always planned our best to support each individuals season goals and ambitions. Especially within a Olympic Year.

    • Why was there no open meet in March, it a long time since Counties we have competed?
      We did have a targeted meet in March, “MENAI AA & B GRADE MEET” however after the closing date only one swimmer had entered and we decided to cancel going.

      We didn’t plan another one due to the coaching team were not able to commit to another date in March,from that one set on the 1st March and Diddy League on 28th March.

      • Why are other members swimming at meets that we were not aware of?
        If a coach is unable to attend or support a meet then we don’t endorse members going however we won’t stop you either. We hope everyone will join our team supported targeted meets.

        On some occasions members are trying to hit times within a qualifying window and therefore often need to go off for an extra second chances meet, to get the times they are inspiring for. (E.g. 14th &15th March Tim and Morgan will be traveling to Liverpool to try and get the British Olympic Trial times which they just missed out on in the last Level 1 open meet.)


        If anyone has any question or worries please don’t hesitate to contact or talk with Head Coach Tim.

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