Fire breaker fire back!

With the recent announcement from the Welsh First Minister, the introduction of the Wales fire breaker will begin this coming Friday. 

This will sadly see one third of the club effected and unable to attend club training during this time.  It is very disappointing for all non elite/professional sports people who again are restricted to the confinement of their home facilities. 

We at Oswestry Otters ASC have agreed it will not allow our Welsh resident members to be put into a disadvantage, and it will waver 50% of November membership fees for those within the Fire Breaker situation. 

The Fire breaker has also heavily affected our “Level X” schedule and the way we can run it. However we will adapt it so the English residents can storm through most of the events in first few weeks and the the Welsh residents can catch up within the “Level X” events deadline. 

We hope that everyone keeps safe and well, and also please have those mask on you like your mobile phones, “glued to your bodies”! 

We appreciate that there are those members who are expressing un-acceptance on the new practice however rightly or wrongly we need to show an adapting change as even the school are now introducing changing in masks within their academic sporting activities.

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