Keep your Fridays free!

We are waiting for the leisure centre to check over our risk assessment and processors to then give us the go head to attend their Friday night slot which will be 6:30 to 8:00pm.

This is when we will be running the “Level X” competitions.


This post is to give you all a quick insight of how this is going to work:-

1) We will be racing within our lane group bubble as set out at our Oswestry School training session.

2) The information can be found and results will be posted via ( *please note information currently on there is subject to change.

3) Everyone will not swim on each Friday night which can be seen on the link above. This is to allow us to give as many members the opportunity to swim the events within the very tight schedule that we have to preform to.

4) Details of entering, the running of and exiting the leisure centre will be sent out and discussed to swimmers. We have guidelines off the leisure centre to follow and we will be watched to ensure this is done right!
“Those who don’t not follow the rules could jeopardise our position and future booking”.

5) Head Coach Tim, has done all the programming and inputting on “Swimming Events”. This means members don’t need to input anything or worry about filling anything in.

6) Friday night will be split into two sessions one being at 6:30pm with a quick warm up then a block of races.
The second session times will be sent out for the next slot of swimmers to do their warm up and their block of races.

7) There will be no spectating which we do appreciate is very frustrating for those parents who are missing watching their children swim.
However those who are qualified and registered as officials or timekeepers your assistant is likely to called upon!

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