Further development on Pool Concerns

Adding to the the news report on the November 13, 2019, the club is pleased to inform our members that Oswestry School have decided to go ahead with changing the pool chemical. The chemical “Bromine” is very similar to chlorine in the way that it kills bacteria and harmful contaminants, but the two chemicals react in different ways in the swimming pool water, which bromine have been seen to solve other pools with same problems as ours.

There will be likely training alterations due to the pool needed to be closed to process this chemical change, which we will keep you all informed of.

The club is extremely grateful for Oswestry School for looking into this to support us and hopefully gives the desired effects we have been looking for. However if the change of chemicals works then there will be a £3 per hour increase on our pool hire cost. The benefit though for our members to no longer have coughing issues is an essential step to take which we hope everyone would agree on.


This extra £3 per hour over 48 weeks of sessions addresses

for support in fundraising activities for the club and support in finding new grants. If you have ideas or could help run an one off event then please we would appreciate the help.




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