Pressing the Pause Button

From our club committee meeting last Friday we have made to decision to press the pause button on a few things.


Our Club Championship, which was set to be on the 25th, 26th and 27th September. Our Sporting Body is going to issue guidelines for how our sporting discipline can run and hold swimming events and meets, however not even our regional officers nor the Talent swim team known the exact date this will be released apart from it will be sometime this month. The uncertainty of this on top on the closing date is likely to cause an issue with managing and sorting everything out, on top of the loss of the Leisure Centre for this event due to its current policies and procedures.


Our Friday Sessions, has been a huge topic at the Friday meeting addressing and discussing points which parents and members have raised to us either via passing comments or via emails. We understanding the huge wish and desire from our members to gain as much swimming time as possible however the short pool times crossed with the current policies and procedures at this time means we as the club can’t easily or clearly provide the pool time to the majority of our members but only to the minority, which isn’t fair or what our club is about.

However this doesn’t mean we are giving up our Friday sessions, we are still going to continue our talks with the management at the leisure centre.


Our Current swimming schedule, we are aware the time differences in the swimming schedule isn’t the simplest to follow however is the most efficient in safeguarding our members under the current circumstances. Developments of the schedule may come in the next few weeks as we continue to talk with Moreton Hall and the Leisure Centre.


Fees/membership, due to the current policies and procedures which has restricted the bather load numbers in the pool. The club has had to also drop its membership capacity of 90 to 70.

Before lockdown the club had a healthy influx/interest of new swimmers joining our Academy squads, unfortunately the lockdown period has put a paused on that and with some other members not returning the club has seen around 12.5% decrease in membership. Nevertheless we have seen a spike in College and University students joining us for a short period and we do have some new members to the swimming club meaning we are again near full capacity under the 70 membership cap.

In regards to the capacity cap and being unable to be open to any new swimmers, we are keeping the current fees in place until we start getting back to some sort of normality.


We thank you for your continuing support in the club and patience in the swimming schedule.


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