Resolving some Q&A

Dear All members

I wish to thank you for this week, it hasn’t been the easiest with the bank holiday and no session for today, with the add on changes in the session timing.
I am a little concerned that some members have not looked or watched all the posts via email, our website, Facebook and Spond App, therefore have no idea why these changes have been made.
Please do keep checking our website, Spond and emails!
1) Why have the sessions changed?
Firstly it’s important to understand that we no longer have the five days at Oswestry school night we did in August. This is down to the other pool uses coming back to their normal time slots.
For those of you who have watched my video will understand that the positioning at Morton Hall changed suddenly meaning alterations to our sessions on Thursday at Oswestry School had to be made to ensure everyone had the opportunity to swim four times a week.
2) Why no Friday?
We currently have no pool time on a Friday due to what I’ve highlighted above and also because we are still in discussions with the leisure centre and other pool operators on what pool time is available and what their Covid policies and procedures are.
Myself and the committee will be today discussing all options currently available for the club, this has been mentioned before in videos.
3) Why the QR scan?
Like ourselves the school is constantly reviewing how to better its practices. The QR code located by the pedestrian gate is one of those policies to help and assist with track and trace.
4) Why am I not with my friends in the same lane?
This is a question which often upsets me as surely as a club, as athletes and as a member in one way or the other everyone in our club should be seen as a friend and should be treated as such like a friend. The lanes have been set out in a way to ensure we can manage and deliver the guidelines set out by our sporting body within the increased numbers in the lanes.
5) Why aren’t we swimming for at least 1:30 hours?
I would welcome any member or parent/guardian to contact or work with myself and the club to make this achievable. However in truth it is difficult to provide both the opportunity for all our members to swim every day to work within the guidelines to give our members the space to swim and it is very difficult within the limited pool time available, to fairly spread this out equally based on our members biological and chronological ages and swimming ability and commitment.
6) I heard their morning swimming?
For this moment in time there is no morning swimming at all at any pool location that I am or the club is involved in.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or queries. I wish to also add that if anyone is willing and able to assist the club in any way then again please contact us because we require as many people as possible to add to our team to make the club better.
Regards Tim

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