Monday 5th October changes

Dear Members

Throughout September I and the coaching team have been listening to what both our athletes and their parents have been saying and have seen if we can make any changes to our swimming program.

As of Monday 5th October we will trialing a huge change to the swimming timetable, which will allow our members more pool time in the week and also allow members to be allocated into lanes and groups more appropriate for their ages!

At the moment all these sessions are based at Oswestry School Pool. The reason that we haven’t gone back to Moreton Hall yet, is a little unclear on ‘why?!’ as they would not tell us and they will not be looking into it until November. As of the Leisure Centre, I am in discussions with them to set up a Competition night inline with the newly announced “Level X” from Swim England.

During this coming week I will be emailing to confirm your groups for this new program and the fee cost, which will only change for our Charlie members. Whilst you are looking at the program, I appreciate that Thursday start time might be difficult for some people to get our members there on time. I have made it clear with the coaching team that we will be able to be flexible to 5:30pm for Echo and to 6pm for Charlie members. On all other nights which are within are normal swimming hours, we are unable to be flexible on late comers and they will have to be sent back home if they turn up late. This period of restrictions are likely to be for the remainder of this year and maybe cross over to the new year as well.

I apologise to you all for the mix of start times but these unprecedented times have made it difficult to make improvements with ease which we have been so fortunate to have had before.


Thank you all again for your support.



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